Food Hygiene Audits and Inspections

Audits and Inspections 1

Our Food Safety Consultants undertake audits and inspections in a wide range of food establishments including pubs, clubs, restaurants, takeaways, canteens, hospitals, care homes, retailers and manufacturers. Our audits assess compliance with current legislation, codes of practice and best practice and include a full inspection of your premises, including a detailed review of the procedures and HACCP documentation.

At the end of the audit the results are discussed with the management team who will also be offered advice and guidance on improving their hygiene and safety performance. The detailed audit report is scored and provides traffic light results as well as a detailed action plan.

As experienced Environmental Health Officers, our Consultants are able to provide you with impartial and honest advice to assist you in complying with Food Safety Law.

Our independent Food Hygiene audits and inspections offer clients the following key benefits:
  • Peace of mind that any failings can be brought to your attention prior to an EHO inspection
  • Advice and support to ensure you comply with Food Safety Law & therefore reduce the likelihood of enforcement action
  • Demonstrate “Due Diligence”
  • Provide evidence to the EHO that you are being externally audited, which will improve your “Confidence in Management” score
  • Improve your Food Hygiene Score
Audits and Inspections 2

As would be expected from a leading provider of Food Hygiene Services we also offer Food Hygiene Training and Annual Support Packages which are tailored to clients requirements and include regular food hygiene audits & inspections, support and technical advice.