Filthy or Verminous Property Assessments & Remediation

Filthy or Verminous Property 1

Filthy or verminous premises are properties that are considered verminous (including rats, mice, insects or parasites including their eggs, larvae and pupae) or in such a filthy condition as to be prejudicial to health - usually because there is rotting food, and/or human or animal excrement inside the property. Such properties are frequently characterised by an accumulation of material that can make access to a premises difficult and may present a physical or fire risk to the occupants or those of adjoining premises.

As fully qualified Environmental Health Practitioners we are experienced in dealing with such properties and are able to assist clients, whether occupiers, owners or landlords to address the conditions found, in a sensitive and considerate manner. Our professional involvement often avoids the necessity for the local authority to become involved and serve Notices under Section 83 of the Public Health Act 1936 on the owner or occupier.

Our service includes:
  • A detailed assessment of the property, including a full report & action plan
  • Full remediation & cleaning of the property as necessary
  • Pest Control services within the property as necessary
  • Liaison with occupiers, owners & landlords of the property
  • Where necessary liaison with Enforcement Authorities.
Filthy or Verminous Property 2​Such properties may also cause a nuisance to the occupiers of adjacent properties due to smells, flying insects or rodents. In view of this we are also able to undertake Statutory Nuisance Assessments and provide advice in relation to the statutory nuisance provisions laid down in the Environmental Protection 1990.