Health & Safety Management Systems

Health & Safety Management Systems 1

Legislation in the UK requires that employers have appropriate arrangements in place for the management and control of health and safety at work. In order to achieve these requirements employers need to have an effective health and safety management system that is clearly defined and well documented. In order to assist employers in meeting their legal obligations under the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974, and the numerous Regulations made under the Act, we have developed the Safe, Legal & Compliant © Health and Safety Management System. This system is based on the principles of British Standard BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and the guidance contained in the Health & Safety Executive document HS(G)65 “Successful Health & Safety Management”.

Our Safe, Legal & Compliant © system is completely bespoke to client requirements and is unique to the individual company for whom it is prepared. Our expert consultants write the document in conjunction and close consultation with the client. We do not prepare complex and heavy manuals that are difficult to read and use. This way they can be understood by all employees and easily put into practice. By working with Orion, customers can feel assured that legal non-compliances can be avoided and that necessary due diligence has been given which will result in a healthier and safer working environment and less risk of enforcement action.

Our comprehensive manual includes the following:
  • Health & safety policy including responsibilities, structure & arrangements for managing health & safety
  • Site specific risk assessments including: Manual Handling, COSHH, Work Equipment, Display Screen Equipment & Fire Safety
  • Machinery and equipment registers, Training documentation, Fire safety documentation and all necessary documentation relevant to your business
  • Site specific health & safety guidance
  • Templates of all necessary records & documents
‚Äčorion health safety management systemClients requiring assistance with Health and Safety Management Systems may also require Health and Safety Training, Fire Safety Training, and our competent person service. Please note that our Safe, Legal & Compliant Management System can be included as part of our annual support packages.