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As Environmental Health Professionals we are ideally placed to offer outsourcing services to local authority Environmental Health Departments throughout the UK. Our in-depth knowledge coupled with many years of experience in the profession allows us to provide a quality focused service to our partner’s in an innovative and yet cost efficient manner. With the ever increasing financial demands placed upon local authorities this service provides fully supported personnel to assist local authorities in meeting their business objectives and statutory obligations in a flexible and cost efficient manner.

Environmental Health Complaints 1‚ÄčOur outsourcing service provides our clients with the reassurance that their service is being supported by fully qualified and experienced Environmental Health Professionals who are experienced in dealing with general environmental health complaints. In addition, all our personnel maintain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and are fully supported by our committed management team. We are able to assist our local authority partners by providing the following services:
  • Service support through the provision of fully qualified personnel whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis including:
    • Statutory nuisance, fly tipping & drainage investigations;
    • Assistance with empty / nuisance properties;
    • Littering & smoking legislation monitoring;
    • Filthy or verminous property assessments including remediation where necessary;
    • Public health related issues such as exhumation supervision, pest control investigations and disease outbreak control;
    • Support with Service Reviews to assist in re-alignment and efficiency saving processes.
Benefits of our outsourcing service include:
  • Fully qualified Environmental Health Professionals who are fully supported and receive on-going training;
  • Committed management support from fully qualified and experienced Environmental Health Practitioners;
  • Quality assurance monitoring to ensure consistency and quality of our services;
  • Bespoke client focussed service tailored to our partner’s requirements;
  • A cost effective & flexible solution

Prior to the provision of our outsourcing service to a prospective local authority partner, we provide a full declaration of our consultancy activities within that local authority area to ensure that any conflict of interest is avoided and best practice is followed.

Environmental Health Complaints

For further details of our outsourcing service please contact Dan Evans, Principal Consultant on 0800 619 0571 or email