Accident Investigations

Accident Investigation 1

Although there are health and safety laws in place to protect you, your employees and the public from any dangers in the workplace, injuries unfortunately still happen. Learning lessons and taking action as a result of such incidents is an essential component of health and safety management as this will not only reduce or prevent accidents in the future, but also improves your overall management of risk.

Our highly experienced and qualified health and safety experts will undertake a methodical, structured investigation ensuring that you are provided with all the necessary information necessary to address any shortcomings. The findings of the investigation will then form the basis of an action plan. We will also ensure that you have all the correct procedures in place after an accident. This will reduce the amount of time it takes for your business to begin operating again as usual and prevent any unnecessary or expensive fines.

Accident Investigation 2

In addition to this, our experts can assist in dealing with all the parties involved including insurers, police and legal firms to ensure that you are represented in the best possible way. This includes acting as an Expert Witness in any subsequent proceedings to ensure any liabilities are realistically managed and your reputation is protected.