Hotel Fined £65,000 After Causing Food Poisoning.

Posted 16 June 2015
Written by Lisa Jacobs
The Holiday Inn, Bond Street, Bristol has been fined £65,000 for selling unsafe food and failing to effectively manage food safety risks following a number of incidents that led to three people being hospitalised. Bristol City Council investigated reports of gastroenteritis in December 2013. EHOs found that those affected – 44 guests at three separate events held at the Holiday Inn in Bond Street – tested positive for campylobacter. The source was traced to a chicken liver parfait that had been prepared in advanced and served over a seven-day period. Further investigations revealed a lack of a ‘robust system’ to make sure the parfait was adequately cooked to kill bacteria. 
Eclipse Hotels (Bristol) Ltd, which trades as Holiday Inn, pleaded guilty to four offences at Bristol magistrates court. On 3 June the company was ordered to pay the fine and a further hearing will be held later this month to determine court costs.

Although chicken liver dishes are increasingly popular, this case underlines the necessity of ensuring that whatever preparation method is used it must be designed to ensure that there are no food poisoning bacteria left in the finished product.

The food safety management systems that food business operators are required to implement are an essential tool in ensuring that businesses produce safe food.
Dan Evans, Principal Consultant at Orion Environmental Health & Safety commented “Ensuring high standards of food hygiene is a legal and moral obligation placed upon food business owners.  Penalties for failing to comply with food hygiene law are often severe with penalties in excess of £50,000 not uncommon. Often shortcomings can be addressed with the implementation of a suitable documented food safety management system and appropriate support”.
The Safe, Legal & Compliant Food Safety Management System designed by Orion along with our support service provides food business owners with the reassurance they are meeting their legal obligations and therefore minimises the risk of such penalties.


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